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Project Report is a Detailed Report which includes profile of Business, Cost Detailes, Revenue Details, Commercial Viablity, Technical Feasibility Reports,and Financial Apprisal. Nowadays if you apply for term loan, in any bank, the bank asks for project report.  Basically in it you have analysis of all the financial statements like-what are you earning?, What will you earn in the future?,  What will be your future sale?, In how much time and the way you will repay the loan? How much you are earnig as compare to the interest you will pay on the loan?,In how much installments you will repay the loan?

Project report present an analysis of financial statement of a Firm/Company .Hence ,a comprehensive Bank Loan Project Report requires a detailed analysis of a bank's fiscal transactions that identifies its distinctive risks. 

Introductory page,Summary of the project,Details about the Promotors ,their education Qualifications,work experience,Current  Status of the bank,Its  products and services,target market, and activites,Employees,details about the top management,their educational qualifications,work experience,infrastructure facilities tools deployed,operational premises,machinery,customers,details about them  as  well as prospective customer ,regional operations,Fiscal acquisition  and  tie ups,Means of financing ,balance sheet,Profit & Loass Statement,Fund Flow Statement ,Chief Ratio,Break Even Point Evaluation, Conclusions.


Project Report is very important data for Bank for analysing business organisation's existing financial position and projected financial position for loan purpose.
It is very important for making systematic analysis of working management of borrowers.
This is in two parts one is brief right up and second is financial data {CMA Report } CMA Stands For Credit Monetering arrangement where in the past and projected financial performance of a business is compiled in a defined formate with all the required financial matrix and ratios to help bankers and financial analysts ascertain the financial health of a business.
Project Report is creditworthiness for borrower who wants to take credit facility from banks. It is also important for renewal of existing credit facility with bank or to make top up loan on existing credit facility.
With Project Report Your chances to getting loans has been increased because all the details of financial chances with Ratio anylysis give comfort to bank.
For obtaining SSI registration,To apply for industrial shed/plots, To convince investor to invest in business by way of private equity or debt.

Documents Required

ID Proof PAN card and Aadhar card

Audited/Actual Fiancial 2 Year Actual Financial Statments

Sanction Letter Previous Saction Latter in case of renewal of proposal

Details of Production Process Breif note regarding production process

Sales Detailas Current Fiancial Year Sale Details til today.(if Running Firm)

Quotations (If Term Loan Proposed) Quotations of plant and machinery or Furniture & Fixtures,Etc (If Proposal for Term Loan)

Other detail Repayment Period if Term Loan,rate of interest(approx.),future orders in hand, Registration details And other documents As suggested by Our Experts

Package Includes



all inclusive fees

( Total Project Cost of 50 lakh )

Brief right up/Profile

Analysis of Operating Statement

Analysis of Balance Sheet

Financial Ratio

DSCR Ratio Chart

BEP Analysis

21 Useful Legal Agreements/ letters Template

MSME Registration Certificate (If )


Make a Package according to your specifications at a very reasonable price

Frequently Asked Question

Details of existing and proposed Fund Requirement , Operating Statment , Analysis of Balance Sheet , , Ratio Analysis,Dscr, BEP
Project Report is creditworthiness for borrower who wants to take credit facility from banks. It is also important for renewal of existing credit facility with bank or to make top up loan on existing credit facility.
Project Report is The Report to be presented to bank to show your past, Current and future financial planning . It Normally statments which relates to financial data and Profile of Firm.
There are different business types and according to their business nature and size, Project Report is prepared. It is not similar for all businesses. Project Report is prepared as per nature of the borrowed funds.


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