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There are several reasons for getting a Service Tax Notice from Service Tax Department due to improved monitoring by Govenrment and Department. Some reasons of getting a Service Tax Notice from Service Tax Department are- Input Credit Mismatch, Non Filling of Service Tax Returns, wrong information in returns can also result in getting a notice from the Department. Input mismatch or wrong input taken if any other issue arise then you are liable to get a Service Tax Notice from the Department. When you get such notice you should collect all the documents and informations asked in the notice given by the Department. You should provide all this information to our expert so they can form an adequate reply for that notice. You should not take these notices lighly and seek a proper guidence if you want to avoid any situation of creating a big liability or any severe actions taken by Department against you. Don't worry we are here to solve your problem.


Ceasing of bank account, Prosecution, Ceasing of properties

Documents Required

Copy of the Notice of Service Tax Department

Bank Statement for the Concerned Period

Details of Services Provided and Consumed During the Concerned Period

Details Required in Particularly Specified in Service Tax Notice

Details of Cenvat Credit

Copy of Service Tax Return

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all inclusive fees

Reply of the Notice

21 Useful Legal Agreements/ letters Template



all inclusive fees

Reply of the Notice

15 min CA Consultation

21 Useful Legal Agreements/ letters Template


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Frequently Asked Question

Service tax notice is served to Assesee(tax payer) by Service Tax Department is where any service tax has not been levied or paid or has been short-levied or short-paid or erroneously refunded.
An Service Tax Notice may be issued because of following reasons:
1. When service tax is short paid
2. When there is any kind of
(i) Fraud
(iii) willfull or non willfull mis-statement
(iv)suppression of facts
to evade payment of service tax.
There can be many reasons like- defualt in filing Service Tax returns, Mismatch in Service Tax returns or Verifying Pre-Service Tax Claims.
Yes, responding is necessary in every case. Ignoring any Service Tax Notice may result in penalty, interest and prosecution.Don’t avoid receipt of show cause notice; non receipt is sometimes considered as a service and there is the possibility of deciding the case ex-parte without hearing the assessee;
Generally, 30 days are given for reply by post or in person or upto specified period in the notice.


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